Praveen Kumar

Hi, I'm Praveen

I'm a web developer and I have spent the last three years creating amazing things for companies and clients. I'am always happy to talk about working together, new opportunities or speaking at your event. Or if you just want to catch up for a coffee, that's cool too.

Work Experiences

Here are my previous work experiences


Full Stack Engineer

Motivating millions of students and teacher daily.

Bay Street Innovation

UI & Frontend Developer

Developed a responsive static site using Next.js


Full Stack Developer

Developed backend system as per business requirements using Node.js and MongoDB


Web and UI Developer

Developed a news content website using Wordpress & Hostinger


Full Stack Developer

Developed an admission portal for the college during the COVID-19 outbreak using MERN stack and AWS


UI & Frontend Developer

Build an online platform for E-education and online test using React.js

Rinnegan Technologies

Jr. Web Dev Intern

Worked with the team to deliver a Documentation Management system using MERN stack and Firebase


Fun stuff I love to do while learning new things.

Youtube chat maderator

YouTube live chat moderator

Built in Express.js and Youtube Live chat API this program warns the commentor in live chat for using forbidden works.



LiqrCart - E-commerce platform

Developed as an POC for a liquor delivery service during COVID lockdown. It provides an platform for vendors and clients to buy liquor without contact


Custom react.js hooks

Custom React Hooks

Collection of hooks in React.js for performing some routine tasks like Data fetching, Theme Toggling, etc.


Shopify Awards Project

Shoppies Awards

A movies nomination app using OMDB API and React.js with cool small features like nomination, sharing, etc.

Github Live Site

E-Price Tracker

E-Price Tracker

A full-stack price tracker for Amazon and Flipkart in MERN stack, It notifies you whenever prices drops below the thresold value set by you. etc. Was selected for finals at techfest of NIT KKR



OSS Una website

A responsive website made with React.js and Styled Components for the open source society of Una.

Github Live Site

Check out my github for more


I love speaking at talk, webinars, conferences, etc. Here are some of my previous talks.

Starting with open source

Getting started with Open Source.

Had a great time talking with new developer starting there open source journey through GSSOC. Have a look at the contributor map we created in that session.

Goto Code

URL shortner in nodejs

URL-Shortner in Node.js

Did a workshop in how to create an authenticated url shortner app using Node.js, MongoDB, Node Mailer at coding ninjas.

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Connect with me

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